AT Holidays

Logo of At Holidays travel agency

AT Holidays established on 2011. Our company was founded by people experienced in tourism since 1980. At Holidays, provides a wide range of travel services and offers unique tours aiming to satisfy our clientele’s expectations.

Sample of the recognition of its services is the award for the highly successful "GOLDEN AGE 50 plus" cultural program.

AT Holidays' qualified team ensures the best travel solutions for business, leisure, student and incentive travel.

Ouzo of Plomari

Logo of Ouzo of Plomari

Ouzo is based on an extract of grains and is flavoured through the process of distillation in traditional copper stills (alembics), with seeds and herbs. Its most prominent herb, anise, gives ouzo its characteristic aroma.

The distillery of Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis is located in a beautiful olive grove in the picturesque village of Plomari, Lesvos. This is the place where Ouzo Plomari was created in 1894 by Isidoros Arvanitis and where it is still produced to this day.

This anise-flavoured distillate was so loved in Greece and abroad, that it became famous as the national drink of Greece. Today, its name and origin are protected by the European Union. Namely, it cannot be produced anywhere but Greece.

IGFA Car Rental

Logo of IGFA Car Rental Company

IGFA car rental company has been operating into the field of tourism and car rental since 1986 with its three offices (Mytilini, Eressos, Sigri) located in the island of Lesvos. Our personal facilities, services, and being formal agency of SUZUKİ from 1975 proves who we are, whose trust we earned and what sort of things we can offer you. Our partners and customer portfolio are the best advertisement of us.

We collaborate with the leading insurance companies of  the field (Allianz, Executive Lease Brokers). We invest on your insurance and ensure that we will be next you anytime you need it. We guarantee that you won’t face with undesired surprises.

In our vehicle fleet, you will find only new cars from all categories.  Known as a trusted enterprise, we provide an excellent care with the standards and qualities of large rental companies  for our vehicle fleet. 24 hours roadside assistance is also provided at any time wherever you are. Staying you away from discomfort on your vacation is our main aim.

IGFA’s experienced staff on their fields guarantees to deliver your rental car on time at the location (port, custom, hotel, airport) you requested and to be next to you for all your problems anytime you need. There will be  no coincidences in your trip! We are always smiling, always willing and most importantly we speak your language (Greek, Turkish, English and Russian speaking drivers or guides).

Considering our years of experience  and specialization in the field of car rental and our belief on trust between the company and customer, our company cordially would like to mention that you have right to demand us a perfect and memorable experience during your car rental from it’s first to last minute.

CRETHIDEV - Creative Thinking Development


Creative Thinking Development - CRETHIDEV is a non profit company, not for benefit, which focuses on research, as well as development of studies and action plans for local communities, mainly in the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, innovation, employment and local development, health, athletics and culture. CRETHIDEV, created by experienced professionals, consultants & designers with high scientific training, long-term cooperation with companies in traditional sectors of the Greek economy, high professional diligence and enthusiasm. The company has a large and representative network of external collaborators in Greece and abroad and where appropriate, creates the best possible synergies to achieve the optimal result.

Special attention is paid to consolidating the skills of the young - especially those of higher education - to the demands of the labor market and motivating them to seek employment in their own region to promote local quality of life.

It seeks to create a knowledge database and improve networking and cooperation among local, regional, national, European authorities, organizations, business associations to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and exchange of knowledge and expertise, through research and European projects and cooperation with universities, companies, public authorities, training centers.

Jale Tourism


Jale Tourism is the most famous shipping company in Ayvalık and has been serving connections between Ayvalık and Mytilene islands since 30 years. It was founded by FATİH JALE, the 4th generation representative of a family and is currently the leader of the region in activity area.