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Izmir, receiving its original name from the Amazonian queen “Smyrna” is one of the several cities in the world that dates back to neolithic era, dating back to 8500 years ago. İzmir, embodies one of the seven wonders of the world that is Temple of Artemision Ephesus as well as Agora a city left from the Romans and Guinness-Record Breaking oldest known bridge and many other historical treasures. İzmir having become an important place in Mediterranean trade and a world harbor city by the 16th century, is the second largest industrialized city in Turkey after Istanbul. ge University was founded on May 20th, 1955 and initiated its teaching and academic activities on March 9th, 1956.

As the educational and cultural focal point of İzmir, Ege University takes its place in the middle with its half a century long history. The University is built in one of the largest districts of the city, Bornova. The campus located in Bornova offers a 3450 decare space full of buildings that provide the people and the students with educational, cultural and sport related service. Ege University has 15 faculties, 9 graduate schools, 15  Vocational Schools , a State Turkish Music Conservatory, 6 Departments and 34 Application and Research Centers and 59.472 undergraduate and associate degree students and 9276 post graduate students. With a total number of 68.748 students by Academic Year 2016-2017, Ege University has 3169 academic and 3827 administrative staff. 

Izmir Textile Technical College, the origin of today’s Textile Engineering Department, was established and started education in September 10, 1966. In 1969, the college was renamed as Izmir State Architecture and Engineering Academy and in 1971 it was integrated to Ege University. During the period of 1978-1982, the college ranked as Textile Faculty. In 1982, it has been reorganized as a department. This is the first department in Turkey that educates people in Textile Engineering field.

The Department has 14 professors, 9  associate professors, 14 research assistants. There are also 550 graduate students and about 95 post graduate students in M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes. Research oriented Master and Ph.D programmes offers  greats advantages for the young scientists for their future career on all kind  classical textiles, technical textiles, medical textiles, smart textiles and textile management etc. The Department has agreements with many different European Universities under the program of ERASMUS + to exchange students. Students can have chances to attend some social activities through student clubs. Besides, to improve the communication between students and the industry, some symposiums, seminars, career days etc are arranged every year.

In the graduate level in the first two years, students take basic science and engineering lectures. As well as completing the overall textile lectures, they do a comprehensive orientation training in the department’s comprehensive laboratories including industrial type of textile machinery. Then according to  their own wishes and abilities, they are specialized on:

The department is an active member of AUTEX since 2002. The AUTEX Conference in 2009 was held in Izmir. Furthermore the department organizes regularly International Izmir Textile & Apparel Conference IITAS in three years periods since 1976.

Ege University Textile Engineering Department presents analysis and test services to the textile industry at the physical and chemical textile laboratories thanks to the extensive laboratory and qualified personnel facilities.


Ege Üniversitesi, Mühendislik Fakültesi, Tekstil Mühendisliği Bölümü
Address: 35100 Bornova, İzmir, Türkiye
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