Mytilene (or Lesvos) is an island located in the north east part of Greece, in the Aegean sea. The island can be reached by airplane and by ferry boat. To reach various destinations on the island there are also buses.

    By airplane

The island has regular connection to Athens or Thessaloniki with Aegean Air (member of Star Alliance), Olympic Air and Astra Airlines. For those who want to visit Athens as well, then the first alternative is most suitable.

Below you may find links for flights to Mytilene island:

a. From Athens or Thessaloniki:

The duration of the flight is about 45 minutes.

b. From Heraklion, Crete:

c. Other origins:

During the summer period there are many regular and charter connections to Mytilene, mainly from other European cities:

The airport is located 6 km from the city center. Local bus and taxi are available.

Some useful information for Mytilene airport can be found here.

You may use skyscanner flights search engine, to help you find the best flight combination for you.

    By ferry boat

You can approach Mytilene by boat, crossing the Aegean Sea. A nice experience of a cruise, however more time consuming. All boats arrive in the main port of Mytilene, directly in the city center. Below are links to find information about the regular connections to Mytilene:

a. From Piraeus, Chios, Samos and Kavala:

Usually the ferry boats depart in the evening from Piraeus and they arrive early in the morning in Mytilini. Typical travel duration is 11 hours.

b. From Ayvalik, Turkey:

More information can be found in the folowing links:

    By bus

Buses reach various destinations on the island. To find more information, please click to the following link: